Duel Masters Versus, Episode 3
Duel Masters Versus - Episode 3.jpg
Japanese Name 龍解っ!!
Air date April 19th, 2014
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Dragsolution!! is the 3rd episode in the Duel Masters Versus season of the Duel Masters Anime.


べんちゃんの繰り出した謎の一手、それこそがドラゴンサーガの真髄「龍解」だった! その驚くべき強さに圧倒され、負けを喫した勝太。いつか自分も龍解を…! 強い思いを胸に、勝太はかつて共に戦った同級生・ぶっちゃけにデュエマの練習相手を頼み込む。 しかし、ぶっちゃけは今やデュエマにまったく興味なし! 『腹の色真っ黒―バーX』通称・ハラグロXに夢中な、筋金入りのアイドルオタクになっていた! デュエマ推しvsアイドル推し! 勝太はぶっちゃけを振り向かせられるのか!?

Benchan has suddenly released the true potential of Dragon Saga, "Dragsolution"! Due to its sheer power, Katta lost miserably. To increase his strength, he practices with his old friend and classmate Bucchake. However, Bucchake had no interest in the card game, and he now worships an idol named "HaraGuro X", and is now an otaku who uses his money on idol material! Can Katta push Bucchake back into the world of Duel Masters?


  • This.episode starts a trend where Katta loses a duel in the 3rd episode of a season, this time against Benchan.
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