Duel Masters Twinpact Series Fastest Start BOOK
Duel Masters Twinpact Series Fastest Start BOOK
Release: March 17, 2018
Booktype: Softcover book, Paperback pages
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Twinpact Series Fastest Start Book is an additional publication of the CoroCoro Comic Special, a book published by Shogakukan.


The book introduces the DMSD-04 Jokers Bullets Explosion Start Deck and DMSD-05 Ou Kabuto Mach Explosion Start Deck in the Twin Twinpact Series block.


This publication comes with:

  • 40 Jhot Gun Joragon Card Sleeves
  • All Masters Poster
  • 600-Card Twinpact Card Box
  • Bikkura Box Promotional Card
  • Na Hanaki Ri Promotional Card


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