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Duel Masters, later known as Duel Masters (2002) is the first season of the Duel Masters anime.

It covers the Temple of Duels arc (デュエルの神殿編) of Shobu's story.


Before the English series had started, there was a premier episode named "The Good, the Bad, and the Bolshack" that aired on Feb 27th, 2004 which was a combination of the first 2 episodes.

The English series aired between March 13, 2004 and September 4, 2004.

The Japanese series aired between 2002 and 2003.

In November 19 to November 20 at 2014, The entire season is broadcasted in Nico Nico Live and can only be viewed in Japan. This broadcast is part of the event for Shobu's return to the anime series in Duel Masters Versus. This has been ended and the broadcast can no longer be viewed live. The November 19 broadcasts received a total of 77, 356 viewers and the November 20 broadcasts received 64, 422 viewers.


In the first season of Duel Masters, the young duelist Shobu Kirifuda battles his way to stardom, in an attempt to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Kaijudo master, aided by his mentor Knight, and his friends Rekuta, Sayuki and Mimi he battles against many strong adversaries such as the Reaper duelist Kokujo, leader of the White Soldiers, Hakuoh as well as the Master of the Temple.

Episode Listing

Screenshot Episode Number Japanese Title English Title English Air Date
Duel Masters - Episode 1.jpg Episode 1 これがデュエルだ!
(Kore ga Duel da! - The Duel is On!)
Playing with a Full Deck March 13, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 2.jpg Episode 2 忍びよる影
(Shinobi yoru kage - A Stealthy Danger)
It's Not Easy Being Green March 20, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 3.jpg Episode 3 暗黒の挑戦者
(Ankoku no Chosensha - The Challenger From Darkness)
Toru, Toru, Toru, Part 1 March 27, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 4.jpg Episode 4 勝利を目指せ!
(Shori o Mezase - I'm Aiming for Victory!)
Toru, Toru, Toru, Part 2 April 3, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 5.jpg Episode 5 バトルアリーナへ
(Battle Arena e - Destination: Battle Arena)
I'll Be a Monkey's Brother April 10, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 6.jpg Episode 6 白凰、奇跡のデュエル
(Hakuoh, Kiseki no Duel - The Duel Hakuoh Plays Is Simply Marvelous)
Wok on the Wildside April 17, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 7.jpg Episode 7 蛇美羅の罠
(Hebi Bira no Wana - The Enlightened Snake Lays a Beautiful Trap)
White Boys Can't Charm April 24, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 8.jpg Episode 8 激闘!進化クリーチャー
(Gekito! Shinka Creature - The Evolution Creatures Will Clash!)
Duels of the Futures Past May 1, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 9.jpg Episode 9 神殿へ
(Shinden e - Arriving at the Divine Temple)
A Goblin Shall Lead Them May 8, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 10.jpg Episode 10 新たなる切り札
(Aratanaru Kirifuda - A Brand New Ace-in-the-Hole)
Shobu Gets Decked May 15, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 11.jpg Episode 11 マナをあやつる男
(Mana o Ayatsuru Otoko - Real Men Control Mana)
Ballad of Kintaro, Part One May 22, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 12.jpg Episode 12 その名は四天衆!
(Sono na wa Shitenshu! - They're Called the Imperial Four!)
Ballad of Kintaro, Part Two May 29, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 13.jpg Episode 13 速攻VS速攻
(Soko vs. Soko - Rush vs. Rush)
Looney Mikuni, Part One June 5, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 14.jpg Episode 14 炎の大逆転
(Hono no Taigyakuten - A Blazing Turnaround)
Looney Mikuni, Part Two June 12, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 15.jpg Episode 15 黄昏の四天衆
(Tasogare no Shitenshu - Tasogare of the Imperial Four)
A Strange Twist of Fate June 19, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 16.jpg Episode 16 ミミの決意
(Mimi no Ketsui - Mimi Makes a Decision)
Yes, Master June 26, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 17.jpg Episode 17 最低のデュエリスト
(Saitei no Duelist - The Worst Duelist Ever)
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou July 3, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 18.jpg Episode 18 迫り来る影
(Semarikuru Kage - An Impending Shadow)
Cable Guy July 10, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 19.jpg Episode 19 笑う死神
(Warau Shinigami - The Grim Reaper Simply Laughs)
Once More With Feeling July 17, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 20.jpg Episode 20 発動!真のデュエル
(Hatsudo! Shin no Duel - The Duel of Truth Has Been Invoked!)
Kokujo Fights Back July 24, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 21.jpg Episode 21 決戦!
(Kessen! - Showdown!)
The One Where Shobu Duels Hakuoh July 31, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 22.jpg Episode 22 最後の切り札
(Saigo no Kirifuda - The Last Card Up His Sleeve)
Just Duel It August 7, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 23.jpg Episode 23 新たなる挑戦者
(Aratanaru Chosensha - Here Comes a New Challenger)
The Crying Game August 14, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 24.jpg Episode 24 デュエリストキラー
(Duelist Kiraa - Anti-Duelist)
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? August 21, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 25.jpg Episode 25 勝舞、夕日に散る
(Shobu, Yubi ni Chiru - The Fall of Shobu)
Something Wacky This Way Comes August 28, 2004
Duel Masters - Episode 26.jpg Episode 26 よみがえれ、勝舞!
(Yobigaere, Shobu! - Get Back in the Game, Shobu!)
What's A Mana You? September 4, 2004