Wanted: Duel or Alive
Sacred Lands, Episode
DM-1.5 episode 35 b
Air date May 28th, 2005
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If Ever A Quiz There Was
Water You Waiting For?

Wanted: Duel or Alive is the 36th episode in the Sacred Lands season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Rekuta, having won the quiz contest, was proclaimed the true Hero of Dueling, while Shobu was thrown in jail for the rest of his life. To test Rekuta's mad Dueling skills, Aqua challenges him...and easily kicks his butt. Things get even worse when Prince Melvin, the Conqueror takes over Aqua Sniper and has it go on a rampage! Not even shrimp cocktail can save Rekuta this time, only Shobu can! But just throwing in some Water Civilization cards won't help, he has to learn how to truly use Water cards, before Melvin literally sucks the life out of him!"


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