The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home
Sacred Lands, Episode
DM-1.5 episode 33 a
Air date May 7th, 2005
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If Ever A Quiz There Was

The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home is the 33rd episode in the Sacred Lands season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Shobu and Rekuta finally gain access to the Light Civilization Land, as well as an injured Monster, but he soon is forced to Duel against the evil, the mighty, the terrible Prince Irving, the Terrible! He's so terrible it's in his name! As the two Duelists compete for the most thinly-veiled references one can name in 20 minutes, a mysterious evil is brewing the background. Of course, Shobu can't be worried about that, he's got a smackdown to deliver! As he smacks down Bolmidius Steel Dragon into the Battle Zone, Irving's fear overrides his terrible-ness and costs him the match. As a bonus, Shobu's Duel Disc-thingy glowed, and Shobu got what he came for! Now it's off to Water Civilization Land to make the DDT glow once again!


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