Nature Calls, Part 1
Sacred Lands, Episode
DM-1.5 episode 37 l
Air date June 11th, 2005
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Water You Waiting For?
Nature Calls, Part 2

Nature Calls, Part 1 is the 37th episode in the Sacred Lands season of the Duel Masters Anime.


On the way to Nature Civilization Land, Shobu realizes that his father's Deck Case is very unusual—especially since it drove away angry monsters. Anyway, the gang meets a young girl named Flora, who's willing to take Shobu to the mystical Treedom, which is a long-lost giant robot covered in moss. After all, who needs freaky magical powers to make cards come alive when you have a giant robot that can blow things up at a rate of 300 epms (explosions-per-minute)? But Princess Pollyanna of Green Gables wants the Treedom for PLOOP, and not even Shobu's gonna stand in her way!


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