Do That Duel You Duel So Well
Sacred Lands, Episode
DM-Sacred Lands 49h
Air date January 7th, 2006
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One For The Mana, Duel For The Show
Boy Meets Duel

Do That Duel You Duel So Well is the 49th episode in the Sacred Lands season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Shobu challenges the P.L.O.O.P's leader, but strangely not to a game of Duel Masters! Instead Shobu challenges him to a strange game that kinda-sorta seems to be a cross between Chinese checkers and chess. Thanks to a ghost that has been living inside of him for the past 5 minutes, Shobu now has the ability to play this strange game rather easily, despite not knowing where to put down his stones. Can Shobu defeat the P.L.O.O.P's this time? Will this strange ghost (with an entirely mismatched voice) leave him once the game is over? How many puns do you think the writers could get out of the word 'Go' if this was real?"


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