Duel Masters Manga: Fighting Edge
デュエル・マスターズ FEファイティングエッジ
Release: August 26th, 2005
Author: Shigenobu Matsumoto
Artist: Satoshi Nakamura
Next: Star Cross
Previous: Series 1

Duel Masters: Fighting Edge is a series of the Duel Masters Manga.



After losing to Zakira, Shobu Kirifuda decided to leave for Spain in order to become stronger. He somehow reunited with his father, Shori Kirifuda, who was believed to be dead 3 years ago. Soon as he discovered the story of the "7 Duel Masters", Shobu decided to find the rest of the missing Duel Masters, not knowing that Zakira have also begun searching for them along with the members of the After-R (Revolution). His new journey all over various countries in the world would mean more meetings and reunions, but that also eventually leads Shobu to face an old friend, yet a new enemy; the brainwashed alter-ego of Hakuoh who is now known as "White".


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