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Duel Masters King MAX
デュエル・マスターズ キングMAX
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Air Date: April 3rd 2022
Theme Song(s): Historia (Opening 1)
Korekara (Ending 1)
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Duel Masters King!

Duel Masters King MAX is the 18th season of the Duel Masters anime series.

It is also known as the The Rise of Kings Max Arc of Joe's story.

This is the final season of the Joe Era.


The protagonist, Joe Kirifuda, loves drawing pictures and playing Duema. He creates Deckie, a talking deck case with the ability to create creatures, and his sidekick Jokers, and challenge his rivals to duels!

Joe is now a sixth grader, and although he's grown up a bit, he still enjoys playing Duels with his friends. Joe and his friends live in peace. Abaku, the man who became enchanted by demons and became a demon, appears again! What exactly is Abaku's purpose...? Joe's story is about to reach its climax!


Episode Listing

Screenshot Episode Number Japanese Title English Title Japanese Air Date
Duel Masters King MAX - Episode 1.jpg 1 キズナの力のジョー熱デュエル! ジョーVSデッキー! A Heated Duel About the Power of Bonds! Joe VS Deckie! April 3, 2022
Duel Masters King MAX - Episode 2.jpeg 2 アバクのキケンな計画! 王来学園を復活させよ! Abaku's Crazy Plan! Revive the Rise of Kings Academy! April 10, 2022
Duel Masters King MAX - Episode 3.jpeg 3 キズナの力がクライマックス! オレたちのスターMAX進化! Our Bond’s Power Reaches it’s Climax! Our Star MAX Evolution! April 17, 2022
Duel Masters King MAX - Episode 4.png 4 アバクとハイドの因縁! 今、明かされる王来学園の真実! Abaku and Hyde's Connection! Now, the Truth of the Rise of Kings Academy Will Be Revealed! April 24, 2022
Duel Masters King MAX - Episode 5.png 5 リッチになってカムバック! ウサギ団の大豪邸に潜入せよ! Get Rich and Come Back! Infiltrate the Rabbit Group's Mansion! May 1, 2022
SP 振り返りスペシャル!ジョーVSデッキー、本気のデュエマ!! Looking Back Special! Joe VS Deckie, a Serious Duema!! May 8, 2022
6 6年生のビッグイベント! 恐怖と友ジョーの林間学校! Big Event for 6th Graders! Forest School of Fear and Friends! May 15, 2022
7 父・勝太の帰宅! 切札家、水入らずの日ジョー! Father Katta Returns Home! A Day With the Kirifuda Family! May 22, 2022
8 ドラゴンと鬼の死闘! 切札勝太vs天王寺ハイド! Dragons and Demons in a Death Battle! Katta Kirifuda VS Hyde Tennoji! May 29, 2022
9 魂を取り戻せ! ジャオウガ復活を阻止せよ! Regain Your Soul! Stop Jaouga's Resurrection! June 5, 2022
10 王来学園の決闘! 切札ジョーvs鬼札アバク! Duel at the Rise of Kings Academy! Joe Kirifuda VS Abaku Onifuda! June 12, 2022
11 ドラゴンと鬼の災厄!? 封印されしジョラゴンを解き放て! The Dragons and Demons Disaster!? Unleash the Sealed Joragon! June 19, 2022
12 大自然のバイブス! 生まれ変わりし、ジョラゴン! Vibes of Mother Nature! Reincarnated, Joragon! June 26, 2022
13 意外なる挑戦者たち!? 命がけのデュエマ大運動会! Unexpected Challengers!? A Life-Threatening Duema Athletic Meet! July 3, 2022



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