The Cards of Destiny
Duel Masters Flash, Episode 2
DM-Flash 2
Japanese Name 運命のカード
Air date April 17th, 2006
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A Brand New Flash!
The Lost Arc

The Cards of Destiny is the 2nd episode in the Duel Masters Flash a spin-off season of the Duel Masters anime


On his way to school, Teru stumbles upon a young woman. From her voice and mannerisms, he is absolutely certain that she was the mysterious player that previously challenged him to Flash and gives chase. What he sees, however, is an actual Creature leaping into the real world! The young woman leaves but a card depicting the Creature, which Teru takes for himself. Since then, Teru can't focus at school or at home. Then, Teru's father Dai sees the card for himself and starts to talk about it's relation to Duel Masters...

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