Take Action, Teru!
Duel Masters Flash, Episode 6
DM-Flash 6
Japanese Name 立ち上がれ!テル
Air date June 12th, 2006
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The Secret of the Arc

Take Action, Teru! is the 6th episode in the Duel Masters Flash a spin-off season of the Duel Masters anime


When all was said and done, Teru lost to the mysterious newcomer, Hayate. As he left, he said that Teru should just forget Duel Masters. Feeling betrayed by his friends and his trusted Supernova Mars Disaster, Teru claims that he'd done with dueling and stops visiting Rei's home. Cocoro, Chishio, and Paco try to cheer him up, but ... Will Teru ever rise up to the challenge of Duel Masters again?!

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