Shinseiki: Duel Masters Flash
新星輝 デュエル・マスターズ フラッシュ
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Theme Song(s): 輝く瞬間 Shining Moment
by Masanosuke
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Duel Masters Flash is a spin-off series of the Duel Masters Anime series.


This series is based in the same universe of Duel Masters and Duel Masters Charge but the story is based on a future timeline in which Shobu does not exist anymore. The card game of Duel Masters has evolved with new technology.

In this series the traditional usage of cards are no more, instead the cards are put into a new deck holder which reads the cards and transfers data to a virtual headset gear which provides information on cards and gives memorable options on every card details and brings out virtual reality experience of creatures and spells, for more immersive playing experience. The game is controlled via gestures and voice.

The headset is also used as communication gear instead. Children in the future mostly use these headset and don't carry around any other devices since these headset gear provide with both an immersive gaming experience and communication.


The story revolves around Teru Yumemi and his older sister Cocoro Yumemi and their friends who met Rei Kukami. Rei is a descendant of a family who holds the mysterious pendant ARC which holds the the Great Spirit of Duel Masters. Rei and her family protect this pendant from the clutches of the evil organization known as Nest. Rei doesn't trust anyone so she fights this organization on her own until one day when she was cornered Nest, Teru and his sister saw her and helped her out of the situation. She finally saw the honest boy with such a great spirit whom she felt she could finally trust. She decided to bring them to her grand father Kenshiro Kukami, who owns a dojo in which he teaches Duel Masters card game. Teru decided to become stronger from learning in this dojo, so he could not be overshadowed by his older sister and would finally have the power to protect his friends.

Episode Listing

Screenshot Episode Number Japanese Title English Title Japanese Air Date
DM-Flash 1 Episode 1 新たな輝き! A Brand New Flash! April 10, 2006
DM-Flash 2 Episode 2 運命のカード The Cards of Destiny April 17, 2006
DM-Flash 3 Episode 3 奪われたアーク The Lost Arc May 8, 2006
DM-Flash 4 Episode 4 ともだち My Friends May 15, 2006
DM-Flash 5 Episode 5 敗北 Defeat June 5, 2006
DM-Flash 6 Episode 6 立ち上がれ!テル Take Action, Teru June 12, 2006
DM-Flash 7 Episode 7 アークの秘密 The Secret of the Arc July 3, 2006
DM-Flash 8 Episode 8 仲間 Companion July 10, 2006
DM-Flash 9 Episode 9 選ばれし者 The Chosen One July 17, 2006
DM-Flash 10 Episode 10 ハヤテVSホーク Hayate VS. Hawk August 7, 2006
DM-Flash 11 Episode 11 疑い Doubt August 14, 2006
DM-Flash 12 Episode 12 別れ Farewell September 4, 2006
DM-Flash 13 Episode 13 新たな希望 New Hope September 11, 2006
Episode 14 燃えろ!チシオ Chishio Goes Ablaze! October 2, 2006
Episode 15 ココロの心 Cocoro's Heart October 9, 2006
Episode 16 伝説のデュエリスト Legendary Duelist October 30, 2006
Episode 17 超竜騎神 Super Divine Dragoon November 20, 2006
Episode 18 ネストの狙い The Sought-After Nest November 27, 2006
Episode 19 パコネコ危機一髪! Pakoneko's Close Call! December 18, 2006
Episode 20 めざめろ!チシオ Amazing! Chishio December 25, 2006
Episode 21 再会 Gathering January 15, 2007
Episode 22 守護竜復活 Mamoru's Dragon Revives! January 22, 2007
Episode 23 テルVSハヤテ Teru VS. Hayate February 12, 2007
Episode 24 最後の戦い The Last Duel March 23, 2007


  • This season's poster was shown in Episode 32 of the Duel Masters (2017) season to commemorate Duel Masters 15th anniversary.


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