Duel Masters Flash, Episode 8
DM-Flash 8
Japanese Name 仲間
Air date July 10th, 2006
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The Secret of the Arc
The Chosen One

Companion is the 8th episode in the Duel Masters Flash a spin-off season of the Duel Masters anime


Teru and co. now know some of the secrets of the Arc. Feeling nervous about his unavoidable destiny, Teru becomes gloomy, and Chishio and Paco try to cheer him up. They have a duel to instigate the Arc's shining phenomenon. Still, Teru isn't all right. That's when Jirota, Nest's hitman, makes an appearance on the scene. Teru goes head-to-head with Jirota's Light Blocker Deck, when he gets into a quarrel with Chishio over trivial matters - even going so far as to tell him "I don't wanna listen to you!" Will their hearts distance each other from this moment onward?!

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