Duel Masters Comics
Dreamwave Volume 1 (FBCD)
Publisher: 30px Dreamwave Comics

Duel Masters Comics was published by Dreamwave Comics for the U.S market. These comics are a part of the Duel Masters Books merchandise.

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This series is a collaborative creation of Dreamwave Comics, Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast. It is based on the popular comics, television series, toys, and other merchandise in Japan with an estimated readership of 1.6 million!

There are no plans for the previous or current manga series to be translated and released into English.

This series of comics went on for 8 issues, before it was canceled in November 2004.

Volume 1 was printed with 7 covers (1 for each of the civilizations), a Shobu issue and a Shobu Foil version issue as well as four other printings. One of these additional printings are for the 'Free Comic Book Day, also later a "Pocket Edition" and a "Mini Comic" ​version was released as well.


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