Duel Masters Comics: Volume 8

Duel Masters Comics Volume 8.jpg

Writer: Brian Augustyn
Artist: Jeremy Tiongson
Colorist: Morgan Thomas
Pages: 32
Release Date: September, 2004
Publisher: Dreamwave Comics Logo.png Dreamwave Comics
Previous: Volume 7

Duel Masters Comics: Volume 8 is the 8th volume in Duel Masters Comics series.


The final battle between the Mighty Shouter and the demonic enemies who destroyed his people. Can he avenge his horrific loss and reclaim his people's sacred totem or will he die a forgotten being in a hostile world? Shori Kirifuda will do everything he can, but he's a stranger, searching for his own way home as well. Meanwhile, Shori's son, Shobu struggles to master the Duel Master game to help save his father.

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