Time Limit
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 48
DM-Charge 48a.jpg
Japanese Name タイムリミット
Air date March 6th, 2006
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Time Limit is the 48th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Shobu V.S Oasis Kaijudo duel. Shobu have lost all his hope after hearing what Oasis said. Rekuta tried to convince him not to give up but Shobu told Rekuta it will be impossible to defeat next 11 duelist who are even more stronger in less than an hour. Then Potman came in and gave Shobu courage and convinced tried to convince him not to lose hope. Then Shobu slowly started to make his next move and summoned Bolmeteus Steel Dragon.

Meanwhile, Dr. Root and others who were also blocked by the security system went underground and they were able to catch the trail of Shobu from there. Now they all rushed there way to Shobu. Hakuoh has challenged Kokujo and convinced him to duel by provoking him. But now when he started to hear the roar of Bolmeteus Steel Dragon Hakuoh starts to lose control of himself, and Kokujo tried to provoke him back and told him retreat but Hakuoh got even more angry and started to claim himself as White and that with this new power he will defeat him.

The duel between Shobu and Oasis continues and this time Oasis gave another dire news to Shobu that Hakuoh is already converted into White and have also hurt Shobu's friends as well and in 40 minutes he will permanently be turned into White. Then suddenly Dr. Root showed up with others and told Shobu that is true but it is all the more reason he have to save Hakuoh before the time finishes. Shobu was still in the state of shock after seeing Mimi and Boy George but Dr. Root told that it will be even worst if he abandoned Hakuoh.

Shobu realised this and pulled his final combo. He drew and activated straight away Faerie Life he added mana then he activated Faerie Gift, with its help he summoned Überdragon Valkyrias and with this dragon's effect he summoned Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon from his mana. He attacked with all his dragons and finished him. Oasis did ask him before Shobu's last blow that he had no dragons in his mana before and how did he knew when he activated Faerie Life that it will add a dragon from his deck into the mana. Shobu replied he believed in his deck that his friends helped him build it.

Shobu won and now with only 30 minutes left they all rush to the roof where they see White V.S Kokujo!!

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