The Strongest Duelist?!
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 9
DM-Charge 9
Japanese Name 最弱のデュエリスト!?
Air date August 9th, 2004
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The Strongest Duelist?! is the 9th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


It was Hakuoh's turn he found out what his sketch resembles to it is a smoking pie of Maruo Kadoko, Rekuta's father. Hakuoh thought he have to duel him but he said the test is different Hakuoh have to teach Rekuta how to duel.

Hakuoh after looking at Rekuta's deck suggested that he will make a new deck for him to duel with. But it turns out that Rekuta just want to use that cards that he likes and this way he lost already 7 duel in a day. Hakuoh called it a day and for Rekuta to try again tomorrow.

Now the next after a depressing night Rekuta used some different card in the deck that Hakuoh made him leaving Hakuoh in shock. Rekuta still lost his 8th time. After the duel Hakuoh told Rekuta you wont be able to win this way and Rekuta replied I don't care about winning or losing. Then he ran away while crying he hit Cora Yoga who helped him picked his new deck and told him this deck have very cool cards but Rekuta will never be able to win with this deck. Rekuta replies that he don't care about winning or losing he just wants to use the cards that he like. Cora told yeah he likes the cool cards as well and his favourite card is Bolmeteus Steel Dragon and he build his deck around this card.

Hakuoh heard this conversation and told Rekuta he would still like to help you asked him which is his favourite card. It was Terradragon Gamiratar, so Hakuoh and Rekuta both build his new deck around the card he liked. Now in a local tournament Rekuta dueled Danny Green and won his first duel finally. Everyone celebrated his first victory with him then his next opponent showed up, it was Cora Yoga the one who gave him this idea but Rekuta in the end lost to him. Still Hakuoh did taught him everything that he could now he gets his finals pass back.

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