The Prodigy Awakens
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 37
DM-Charge 37a
Japanese Name 天才の覚醒
Air date September 19th, 2005
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The Prodigy Awakens is the 37th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


A double Kaijudo Duel between Hakuoh V.S. Miss Kirumi and Jason continues. Boy George, Mimi and Shizuka tried contacting Dr. Root and Knight again but Dr. Root forgot his phone at home. When Dr. Root find this out they started to make their way back home. And Mimi, George and Shizuka also found Dr. Root's phone at home and now they know that there will be no help coming their way very soon.

During the duel Hakuoh encountered first time a Cross Gear card used by Jason. He also saw that Cross Gear cards can be used on any civilization creatures and can be used on any type of creature as well like evolution creatures and any other types as well. Hakuoh ended up with 0 Shields against both opponents. He started to cry like a baby shocking everyone but what he asked were more cookies that he ran. Boy George gave him some more to quite him down. Then Jason told him to continue the duel and he replied what duel? He is going to win it any way.

Shizuka replied he must be out of his mind because both her and Jason have all 5 Shields. Hakuoh still said he will win and proved it by summoning Alphadios, Lord of Spirits against Kirumi and Elupheus, Lord of Spirits against Jason and won the duel. After winning the duel the whole fortress dorm around collapsed with the bright light and the cards started to shine. Hakuoh did not knew what was going on with the cards and asked everyone else but everyone else were already taken down by Gedo. Gedo told Hakuoh what was going on and took Hakuoh with him and vanished.

On the other hand, the bright light was witnessed by Shobu because of which Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity started to glow even more. Shobu did not knew what was going on. Meanwhile, Dr. Root and Knight also saw this light and when they arrive it was already too late. Knight straight away called on Rekuta on the phone and told him that Hakuoh have been taken by the Fua Duelist.

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