The Mysterious Yu Fua
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 19
DM-Charge 19h
Japanese Name 不亞幽の謎!
Air date December 27th, 2004
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A Hint Of Awakening

The Mysterious Yu Fua is the 19th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Hakuoh's heart beat has stopped White Knight are all very sad and wanted to help but Dr. Root does not allow it he is still trying to pull him back because Shobu is as well still honoring his last request and believing in him.

At the Battle Arena Finals Shobu VS Gyojiro is still going on with everyone in the arena wanting Shobu to be defeated Shobu is under huge pressure. Gyojiro even took his fake costume off and showed everyone that he is actually Benny Haha still the crowd was against Shobu. Shobu told Benny Haha that Hakuoh still thinks of him as his friend but Benny Haha replied that he is in love with Fua Yu now. On the other hand, Extreme Bucketman who have seen what Yumama did to Kokujo wanted to tell everyone at the stadium but he was stopped by Yumama continuously.

Now Dr. Root had finally given up on Hakuoh just then Hakuoh with no heart beat had a dream with his mother in it which gave him strength and now with his mother's strength and love Dr. Root was able to pull him back and save him. At the Battle Arena Shobu almost gave up against Gyojiro's Wave Strikers deck. But when Shobu last shield got blown away it was the card given to him by Hakuoh Holy Awe which tapped all of Benny Haha creatures and nullifying there effects as well. Shobu took that chance to finish him off.

After being beaten by Shobu Benny Haha got so angry that the truth slipped from his mouth about Hakuoh and his new deck. The crowd realised it upon hearing this and got angry against him but escaped on his robot from the stadium. when he landed and met Yumama she was angry that he could not defeat Shobu and throw him into underground with Boy George.

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