The Last Duel
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 5
DM-Charge 5
Japanese Name ラスト デュエル
Air date June 14th, 2004
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The Last Duel is the 5th episode in the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Mimi and Boy George have already made their way out of the Labyrinth after some tough duels against high-ranking members of the Black Soldiers  and are waiting for the finals to begin. Now the only duelists left in the qualifiers are Shobu, Hakuoh, Robby Rotten, and Ishiguro. Hakuoh faces against Ishiguro, who during most of duel gets the upper hand corners Hakuoh, but he loses in the end. Ishiguro was still happy because he got his chance to duel against him, and that was why he joined the Black Soldiers and the tournament from the beginning, to duel his idol.

Shobu met his first duelist Robby who had wanted to duel against Hakuoh instead. Shobu told him that that he had already defeated Hakuoh. Robby responded "Ok, then I will defeat you then and claim that I have beaten the champion who has defeated Hakuoh".

The duel was tough for Shobu from the beginning, as Robby Rotten already had summoned the creatures which he beat Mikuni with, Petrova, Channeler of Suns. In the end, Shobu is almost defeated, but he believes in his deck and then made manages to win his duel against Robby.

Shobu finally makes his way out of the labyrinth and into the finals along with all his friends Mimi, Boy George and Hakuoh. Now when Robby fell through the whole after his loss he saw all the Black Soldiers have left there uniform and quit1and that they had understand the error they had done, but then suddenly he was held by a giant robot accompanied by a blue hair girl that is reading a boom who told him to tell him everything about Shobu's deck. Have they been the ones manipulating the Black Soldiers and who could they be??

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