Mimi And White
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 46
DM-Charge 46
Japanese Name ミミとホワイト
Air date January 30th, 2006
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Mimi And White is the 46th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Boy George who has just found Hakuoh is now confronting him in a Kaijudo duel. He got brutally defeated by Hakuoh. Mimi heard George's sream and she came in running and saw George on the ground but what was more shocking was behind George came out Hakuoh. Mimi got very emotional and started calling Hakouh but then behind Hakuoh came out Gedo. Mimi upon seeing a Fua Duelist got angry and attacked him with "Mimi super Kick" but he deflected the kick.He told Mimi that there is no Hakuoh here but the new member of Fua Duelist "White". He also told Mimi that White is the one who defeated George.

Mimi still insisted that it is not true and there is still a chance. She then asked White for a Kaijudo duel and return home with her. White accepted the duel. With Mimi's first shield down she started to get Shield Triggers and started to take White's shields down. Then White also started to notice all the cards she is using are shield triggers he stoped to attack relentlessly and waited for the write moment. Not before long Mimi had taken out last of White's Shields and with her emotions calling for Hakuoh the last shield catched Hakuoh's emotions he converted back to his childhood self. Gedo upon seeing this tried to get Hakuoh back to White but he got stopped by, already injured George. Now Hakuoh childhood self have merged with White personality. He continued the duel and relentlessly attacked Mimi and defeated by remembering Shobu that he wants to duel him. When Mimi fell she had his keychain dragon given to him by Shobu in her hand upon seeing this he screamed and cried.

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