Invasion Of The Creepy Crawlies, And What-Not!
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 15
DM-Charge 15a
Japanese Name オール虫虫大進撃だべ!
Air date November 1st, 2004
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Invasion Of The Creepy Crawlies, And What-Not! is the 15th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Now once again at the Tournaments finals it is the final day. After this duel it will be decided who will be in the semi-final and the finals. Today it will be Shobu VS Kabuto Maro . He is very old styled and don't know much about the stadium setting or anything and he is from a very poor village as well. But now the duel have started and Shobu have taken down all the shields of Kaboto. Now it is Kaboto's turn Shobu told Kaboto that he is out of shields and Shobu still have all his shields with him. Kaboto told Shobu he is forgetting something that Shobu have no cards in his hand now and his own hand is full of cards he started reviving his shields and started to take Shobu down with his "Giant Insect Shield Revival" deck. He also had his family's support now he is even more hyped up. The result was in one turn Shobu's all shields were gone and Shobu already had no cards in his hand.

Kaboto is from a small farming village where there are not many duelist and he does not have enough to get some good cards either. But one night his family asked him do you really want to duel. He said yes but he cannot afford to. Then his grandmother gave him a new deck with lots of cards and gave him the chance to go to the big city and duel at the Battle Arena Tournament.

Now it is Shobu's turn now all the shields he broke are in Shobu's hand. Shobu summoned Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny and destroyed his shield that he revived and that was Natural Snare. Shobu have to put his dragon into mana. Kaboto thought it is his turn now and he won the game but he forgot that Shobu can take an extra turn because of its Bombazar's effect. Shobu took another turn and surprisingly summoned another Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny and won the duel. Now when Kaboto Maro was leaving with his parents Shobu came up and promised that he will visit him also duel with him again. Kaboto was happy with tears in his eyes.

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