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Duel Masters Charge
デュエル・マスターズ チャージ
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Air Date: April 19, 2004 —
March 27, 2006
Theme Song(s): When Dreams Come True 夢が叶うとき

by Nao

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Duel Masters Charge is the second season of the Duel Masters anime.

It consists of the Battle Arena arc (バトルアリーナ編) and Fua Castle arc (不亞城編) of Shobu's story.


Shobu has returned after his 3 years training with all his friends in Battle Arena tournament. However, Shobu encounters a new enemy Zakira and his followers, the Fua Duelists. Zakira is a strong kaijudo duelist like Hakuoh. After kidnapping Hakuoh, they turn him into an enemy! Shobu and his friends try to stop them, but will they make it in time? Or will Shobu lose everything and end up devastated!?

The next season of Duel Masters Flash is unrelated to the main storyline, and Zero Duel Masters is set in an alternate universe.

Only the first half of episodes (Episodes 1 to 26) were released in English. Two episodes of the Charge season were combined to form a single episode (26 episodes combined into 13), forming the last 13 episodes of the English series.

This was also the last season to faithfully adapt the story for the 17 volumes of Duel Masters Manga: Series 1. The further sequel to the canon plotline, Duel Masters: Fighting Edge, was never fully adapted in the anime series, although the first half of Duel Masters Cross were loosely based off it.

Episode Listing

Screenshot Episode Number Japanese Title English Title Japanese Air Date
DM-Charge 1.jpg Episode 1 チャージ!!!!
Charge!!! April 19, 2004
DM-Charge 2.jpg Episode 2 バトルアリーナ開幕
(Battle Arena Kaimaku)
The Curtains Open On The Battle Arena April 26, 2004
DM-Charge 3.jpg Episode 3 黒い包囲網
(Kuroi Hoimo)
The Shady Network Siege May 17, 2004
DM-Charge 4.jpg Episode 4 立ち塞がる罠
(Tachifusagaru Wana)
Obstacle May 24, 2004
DM-Charge 5.jpg Episode 5 ラスト デュエル
(Rasuto de~yueru)
The Last Duel June 14, 2004
DM-Charge 6.jpg Episode 6 デュエル道場!!
(De~yueru Dōjō! !)
Duel Dojo!! June 21, 2004
DM-Charge 7.jpg Episode 7 おむつデスマッチ!
(Omutsu Desu Māchi!)
The Kiddies Fight To The Finish! July 12, 2004
DM-Charge 8.jpg Episode 8 謎のドラゴンマスク!
(Nazo no Dragon Mask!)
Dragon Mask, Shrouded In Mystery! July 19, 2004
DM-Charge 9.jpg Episode 9 最弱のデュエリスト!?
(Saikyo no Duelist!?)
The Strongest Duelist?! August 9, 2004
DM-Charge 10.jpg Episode 10 敵は自分!
(Teki wa Jibun!)
You are Your Own Enemy! August 16, 2004
DM-Charge 11.jpg Episode 11 愛とデュエル!
(Ai to Duel!)
Duel In The Name Of Love! September 6, 2004
DM-Charge 12.jpg Episode 12 さわやか牛次郎!
(Sawayaka Gyujiro!)
Gyujiro Turned Over A New Leaf! September 13, 2004
DM-Charge 13.jpg Episode 13 イエ~イ!バケツマン!
(Ie~i! Bucket Man!)
Aye~! Bucket Man! October 4, 2004
DM-Charge 14.jpg Episode 14 天使VS死神
(Tenshi vs. Shinigami)
An Angel VS The Reaper October 11, 2004
DM-Charge 15.jpg Episode 15 オール虫虫大進撃だべ!
(Ooru Mushimushi Taishin Geki Dabe!)
Invasion Of The Creepy Crawlies, And What-Not! November 1, 2004
DM-Charge 16.jpg Episode 16 ふたつの裏デュエル
(Futatsu no Ura Duel)
A Two-Sided Duel November 8, 2004
DM-Charge 17.jpg Episode 17 パーフェクトデュエル
(Pāfekuto De~yueru)
Perfect Duel November 29, 2004
DM-Charge 18.jpg Episode 18 勝舞を倒せ!!
(Shobu o Tose!!)
Beat Shobu!! December 20, 2004
DM-Charge 19.jpg Episode 19 不亞幽の謎!
(Fua Yu no Nazo!)
The Mysterious Yu Fua December 27, 2004
DM-Charge 20.jpg Episode 20 覚醒の予感
(Kakusei no Yokan)
A Hint Of Awakening January 17, 2005
DM-Charge 21.jpg Episode 21 新たなるデッキ
(Aratanaru Deck)
A Brand New Deck January 24, 2005
DM-Charge 22.jpg Episode 22 不亞幽の真実!
(Fua Yu no Shinjitsu)
The Truth Behind Yu Fua! February 14, 2005
DM-Charge 23.jpg Episode 23 覚醒!!
Awakened!! March 7, 2005
DM-Charge 24.jpg Episode 24 その男、ザキラ
(Sono Otoko, Zakira)
Thy Name Is Zakira 14-03-2005
DM-Charge 25.jpg Episode 25 バケツマンVS勝舞!
(Baketsuman VS Shōbu!)
Bucket Man VS Shobu! April 4, 2005
DM-Charge 26.jpg Episode 26 決着!
Conclusion! April 11, 2005
DM-Charge 27.jpg Episode 27 失われた記憶
(Shitsuwareta Kioku)
He Lost His Memory May 2, 2005
DM-Charge 28.jpg Episode 28 不亞城へ!
On The Road To Fua Castle! May 9, 2005
DM-Charge 29.jpg Episode 29 デュエル祭り
(Duel Matsuri)
Duel Festival May 30, 2005
DM-Charge 30.jpg Episode 30 呪われたカード
(Nawareta Card)
The Cursed Card June 20, 2005
DM-Charge 31.jpg Episode 31 不亞城行きの列車
(Fua-Jyo Iki no Ressha)
The Fua Castle Express June 27, 2005
DM-Charge 32.jpg Episode 32 幽、ひとりぼっち
(Yu, Hitori Bocha)
Yu, A Precious Child All By Her Lonesome July 18, 2005
DM-Charge 33.jpg Episode 33 だべべ村だべ!
(Dabebe Mura Dabe)
The Village Of Whatchamacallit, Or Something! 25-07-2005
DM-Charge 34.jpg Episode 34 死闘!だべべ滝
(Shito! Dabebe Taki)
It's Sink Or Swim At Something-Or-Other Waterfalls! August 15, 2005
DM-Charge 35.jpg Episode 35 ラッキーデュエリスト
(Rakkī De~yuerisuto)
Lucky Duelist August 22, 2005
DM-Charge 36.jpg Episode 36 Wデュエル!
(Daburu De~yueru!)
Double Duel! September 1, 2005
DM-Charge 37.jpg Episode 37 天才の覚醒
(Tensai no Kakusei)
The Prodigy Awakens September 19, 2005
DM-Charge 38.jpg Episode 38 不亞城
Fua Castle October 10, 2005
DM-Charge 39.jpg Episode 39 突入!
Storm The Castle! October 17, 2005
DM-Charge 40.jpg Episode 40 友情
Friendship November 7, 2005
DM-Charge 41.jpg Episode 41 命とカード
(Inochi to Card)
The Card Of Life November 14, 2005
DM-Charge 42.jpg Episode 42 崖っぷちの二人
(Gakebuchi no Futari)
Both of Them, On the Brink December 5, 2005
DM-Charge 43.jpg Episode 43 黒の復讐者
(Kuro no Fukushusha)
The Dark Avenger December 12, 2005
DM-Charge 44.jpg Episode 44 勝率0%!?
(Shoritsu 0%?!)
I Have A 0% Chance Of Victory?! January 2, 2006
DM-Charge 45.jpg Episode 45 運命の糸
(Unmei no Ito)
Connected By Fate January 9, 2006
DM-Charge 46.jpg Episode 46 ミミとホワイト
(Mimi to Howaito)
Mimi And White January 30, 2006
DM-Charge 47.jpg Episode 47 絶望
Hopelessness February 20. 2006
DM-Charge 48.jpg Episode 48 タイムリミット
Time Limit February 27, 2006
DM-Charge 49.jpg Episode 49 死神は死なず
(Shinigami wa Shinazu)
Death Can't Die March 6, 2006
DM-Charge 50.jpg Episode 50 ザキラ起つ
(Zakira Tatsu)
Zakira Takes a Stand March 13, 2006
DM-Charge 51.jpg Episode 51 真実
Revelations March 20, 2006
DM-Charge 52.jpg Episode 52 たった一つの希望
(Tatta Hitotsu no Kibo)
The Last And Final Hope March 27, 2006