Duel Dojo
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 6
DM-Charge 6
Japanese Name デュエル道場!!
Air date June 21st, 2004
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Duel Dojo!! is the 6th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Duel Masters Battle Arena Tournament continues for the second set of qualifiers where there will be some more qualifiers joining the labyrinth as well from whom there is Kintaro and Makoto Aizen have defeated all of the duelists in their way and made it into the finals along with many others.

Stu announces in the arena for all the finals to not forget there finals pass if they do they will be disqualified. Apparently Shobu, Mimi, Boy George and Hakuoh all of there passes were with Dr. Root and he have suddenly gone missing. But he have left them a message saying that if they have to get there pass they have some tests to clear and for each of them a clue was given in the form of a very odd sketch and were also told all of these clue can be found in this same town as he knows that although they qualified for the finals they didn't deserved it. Now Mimi, Shobu and Rekuta are already out to look for there clues. Luckily Mimi found her clue in a Duel Dojo where all the duelist were having Afro cut and there master Red Afro had it too. Mimi was about to leave when she saw the master of the dojo but then it turns out the master had her finals pass and now she have to duel him to get her pass back.

Mimi for not being comfortable with the strict and accurate rules of the dojo, almost had herself disqualified twice from the duel because of not following the rules properly but in order to give Mimi a fair chance, Rekuta became a member of the dojo. Although she was not very focused on the duel she remembered her training and in the end she learned her lesson and won the duel plus took her pass back, truly earning a spot in the Battle Arena Tournament finals.

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