Dragon Mask, Shrouded In Mystery!
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 8
DM-Charge 8a
Japanese Name 謎のドラゴンマスク!
Air date July 19th, 2004
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The Strongest Duelist?!

Dragon Mask, Shrouded In Mystery! is the 8th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Shobu sketch clue was decided by Shobu that it is a cow and the nearest small village of the town they should go to check it out. After not finding anything they decided to relax for a day at the village and continue tomorrow. But at night time when everyone was in there bed Shobu heard someone calling him. Shobu went out of the house and followed the voice in the forest. There was a mysterious guy with a dragon mask and then Shobu imagined this could be the he was looking for but the sketch did not match at all finally the guy in the dragon mask shows finals pass to him and challenges him for a duel. In this duel when Shobu thought for sure that he won because he had stronger dragons and other creatures on his field but then suddenly a green and red dragon light came in front of him and he lost the duel.

Next morning he told everyone what happened and decided to take everyone to his own house. When he came back he showed his fathers family picture frame to everyone. When he picked the frame up a card fell from its back side Shobu saw that and said that is the card because of which he lost. It was Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny when he showed that card to everyone the mysterious person in dragon mask showed up suddenly and challenged that he will defeat Shobu with that card in his deck. Then Shobu build a new deck around his new card and defeated the Dragon Mask person. Then he found out it was his mother Mai Kirifuda. She told this card was used by his dad in this tournament as well and he surely wanted you to use it. Then Shobu realizes one thing he asks his that the guy last night had a manly voice and you were in home so who was it. Knight responses and tells Shobu that it was him. Shobu says no wonder he lost to a world class champion duelist.

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