Connected By Fate
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 45
DM-Charge 45
Japanese Name 運命の糸
Air date January 9th, 2006
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Mimi And White

Connected By Fate is the 45th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Shobu V.S Never in a Kaijudo duel. Meanwhile, Dr. Root, Knight, Shizuka, Yu and Bucketman who were able to make there way into the castle as well have found the monitor room and there they can see Shobu dueling against Never. According to Yu, Never is a very frightful duelist and shockingly what they saw was that Shobu and Never was actually dueling on a web of Never and this is a Kaijudo duel so if the web broke the duelist will fall straight down.

After seeing this, Shizuka become very frustrated and asked why Dr. Root and Knight believe in Shobu so much apart and why he is continuously risking his life. Dr. Root responded that there no point in keeping this a secret between them any more. Knight told Shizuka and Yu that Shobu is not a regular duelist, he is fated to face these Fua Duelists.

3 years ago Zakira had shown up at the histories greatest Duel Masters Tournament. He defeated every single duelist who came in his path but there was one person who was from Kirifuda family who stood in his path. So Shobu is basically fated to face this enemy same like before and to prove this he pointed at Bucketman who was also there at that tournament. Yu was shocked from listening this and Bucketman replied that is why he was travelling around the world to become a stronger duelist in order to face him one day. He also wears the Bucket for the same reason because at the tournament a lot of the people knew about him and that he cowardly escaped, and now he wears a bucket on his head because of such shame. Then suddenly an alarm rang and Dr. Root knew that they have been found by Zakira's security system and they started to escape from there.

Meanwhile, Shobu have used a combo and in that combo he used for the first time Valkerios Dragon a creature with Gravity Zero ability same like Kokujo. He also used Galklife Dragon, Überdragon Valkyrias and won the duel but as soon as he won the web of Never broke and Shobu fell but Potman saved him once again.

On the other hand, Boy George who was separated from Mimi was trying to find a Fua Duelist in order to find Hakuoh. Coincidentally, he ended up finding Hakuoh himself.

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