Duel Masters Charge, Episode 26
DM-Charge 26a
Japanese Name 決着!
Air date April 11th, 2011
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Bucket Man VS Shobu!
He Lost His Memory

Conclusion! is the 26th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


The Grand Finale Duel of the Battle Arena Tournament is Shobu VS Bucketman. While under the control of Zakira, Bucketman cannot break free and continues to duel Shobu. Meanwhile, everyone watches the duel Boy George tell Mimi to take the chance and rescue the kids from Miss Kirumi. Mimi with Aizen and Mikuni sneaks up from the back and tries to save the kids but Miss Kirumi Launches some kind of missiles out of her armor but Mimi still kicks her down but in the end all three Mimi, Aizen and Mikuni ended up trapped in those large iron spears that she launched. Mimi tell those kids to take the chance and run but those kids reply that don't want to run because they have teamed up with her as well. Upon hearing and seeing this, Yumama is shocked. Zakira responds that they can go free if they like but they are welcome if they would rather help him in his plans.

Later Miss Kirumi gets up she asks Bura one of the kids to stand at the entrance as they will not accept any more interruptions. Yumama tells Bucketman to forget everything she said just return to normal and finish this duel. Then she tries to step in but she gets stopped by Peeskwhy Perfect. On the other hand, Kokujo despite of being injured after the duel with Yumama he makes his way into the entrance and encounters Bura. They both started a duel as well.

Now the duel between Bucketman and Shobu have concluded despite Shobu not using Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity and still winning. Zakira tries to forcefully take the card by ordering Hendrix to get it from Shobu but Knight saves Shobu and Dr. Root tells Zakira it would be best if you would leave. But Zakira says no way he is gonna leave here empty handed. He jumps to Hakuoh and uses his power on Hakuoh but Mimi finally broke free and pushed Zakira back. Zakira orders everyone to retreat.

Now when Shobu wake Hakuoh up Hakuoh response was who are you?

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