Beat Shobu
Duel Masters Charge, Episode 18
DM-Charge 18e
Japanese Name 勝舞を倒せ!!
Air date July 12th, 2004
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Beat Shobu!! is the 18th episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Hakuoh after the duel with Gyojiro got seriously injured he was rushed to the hospital by others. Dr. Root started Hakuoh's operation to save him from his injuries while at the Battle Arena Tournament Finals both next matches Bucketman VS Kokujo and Hakuoh VS Gyojiro have been cancelled and the crowd got really angry that it was hard to believe on what is going on. Gyojiro pretended to be injured, telling everyone that it was Hakuoh who injured him but that he survived and managed to make his way here and that now Hakuoh is not gonna show up because of what he did.

Then Shobu showed up and challenged Gyojiro. Now Stu upon hearing this said that this is OK because the next in line is Shobu only if you take out Kokujo and Hakuoh, so it is an official match. The duel begins Gyojiro started to use a deck of Wave Strikers which he got it from Yumama in order to defeat Shobu. Jamira was the only one who knew about his deck because he dueled him earlier but because of Gyojiro acting injury he just completely forgot even the arena started routing for him. And now it have gone to the point that everyone wants Shobu to be defeated and started saying Beat Shobu!! as if they were controlled bu Yumama. On the other hand, Shobu really wanted to tell everyone what actually happened but Hakuoh told Shobu that it is not Gyojiro's fault so please defeat him fair and square so he realizes it himself and stop being evil.

The operation is still going on of Hakuoh and everyone is upset of what is going to happen to Hakuoh Dr. Root is trying his best to save Hakuoh but in the end he could not. And Hakuoh has lost his heart beat completely!!

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