Duel Masters Charge, Episode 23
DM-Charge 23a
Japanese Name 覚醒!!
Air date March 7th, 2005
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The Truth Behind Yu Fua!
Thy Name Is Zakira

Awakened!! is the 23rd episode of the Duel Masters Charge season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Yumama with the new evil power of an armor which makes her a duelist hunter and she wont stop till all the other duelists have been defeated and now she uses her new vortex evolution cards which have the awakening power which could bring real effect to the real world Yumama have already summoned Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate and now Shobu summons Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity and with its power Yumama loses her armor of duelist hunter and starts to remember about bucket man how she found him in her garden and they both lived in Zakira's castle who actually is Yumama's older brother.

Then suddenly after the match Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity started to shine and Zakira knew he found another Awakening Card and another duelist as well who can use the awakening cards. He makes his big entrance as the mastermind behind everything.

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