Things Joe Doesn't Know!? Boltz and Kira's Dangerous Relationship!
2017, Episode 9
Duel Masters 2017 - Episode 9a
Japanese Name ジョーの知らない事ジョー!?ボルツとキラの危険な関係!
Air date May 28, 2017
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Things Joe Doesn't Know!? Boltz and Kira's Dangerous Relationship! is the 9th episode of the Duel Masters (2017) season of the Duel Masters Anime.



Major Events

  • A more antagonistic side of Kira is seen in this episode just like in Episode 3.
  • Kira was given his own master card, Ov Sidia, by his ominous mother. The card starts as a blank card and became reality when Novalty Amaze was cast.
    • His Mother his seen manipulating him in ways similar to the Master manipulating Hakuoh in this episode. More details of her appearance are also seen here.
  • Kira challenges Boltz to a real duel in a fiery area and easily defeats him with Novalty Amaze and Ov Sidia.
  • Joe Kirifuda does not know about the events in this episode for now.


  • This is the first Duel Masters 2017 episode where Joe Kirifuda isn't involved in a major on-screen duel.
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