Duel Masters: Walkthrough E2
DM-Walkthrough E2
Release: June 6th, 2012
Author: Shigekatsu Ihara
Booktype: Paperback Pocket Edition
Pages: 171
Publisher: CoroCoro Comic
Distributor: Shogakukan
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Walkthrough E2 is the 3rd issue of the special manga comic series of the Duel Masters Manga.


  • This manga was the 1st manga to feature a 2-part story system as well as a card guide.
  • The first story part with 1 chapter belonging to the adventures of Duel Hero Yuu and Duel Hero Atsuto.
  • The first story part with 1 chapter also belongs to the creature's from Duel Masters creature world timeline of Episode 2.
  • Chapters 3 and 4 are card guide pages of Episode 2.
  • The second part of the story in chapter 5 and 6 also belongs to the creature's from Duel Masters creature world timeline of Episode 2.
  • Chapter 7 was based on the Dragon Ball Z manga series as a promotional chapter.
  • Chapter 8 was Duel Masters Episode 2 card guide.
  • This book has 8 chapters.
  • This book comes with a Tomoemaru, Golden Topper promotional card.


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