Shobu Gets Decked
Season 1, Episode 10
Duel Masters - Episode 10
Japanese Name 新たなる切り札
Translation A Brand New Ace-in-the-Hole
Air date May 15th, 2004
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Shobu Gets Decked is the 10th episode in the first season of the Duel Masters Anime.


As the episode begins, Mimi, Sayuki, and Rekuta are hanging out at the card shop, when they get a call from Shobu! He's already won 40 tokens, and that means he only needs 10 more to duel Hakuoh! And as the day ends, Shobu goes to bed, feeling great about himself. Meanwhile, Mimi and the others sneak over to the temple, but the guards are in front of the gate! Suddenly, Mimi distracts the others, and punches a hole in the wall! The others turn around, and she quickly pretends that the wall just collapsed. With that, the group sneaks inside. But as the group is walking, they spot someone lying on the floor. It's Shobu! As they get to him, they spot a graph of his deck plastered on the wall, and his entire history in a notebook on the floor! Other duelists show up, and start mocking Shobu, telling the others that they were bound to notice him at some point, and now they know how to defeat him inside and out! As a matter of fact, Shobu only has 3 tokens left! Suddenly, Mimi gets really mad, and starts demanding answers about what happened. Fritz the goblin starts to recognize her, but she cuts him off, and they drag him to another room. There, he reveals that the temple is just a set-up to prevent Hakuoh from falling in rank. At that moment, Shobu wakes up, and decides that he?s still going to duel. But he is still defeated two more times, and now he only has 1 token. Suddenly, Mimi runs into him from behind, and their decks are mixed! Mimi quickly puts them back together, but as Shobu looks through his deck, he notices that Mimi added some cards! He starts to get mad, but Mimi reminds him that this is what his father would have done in this position. And, sure enough, at his next duel, he uses one of the cards Mimi gave him, an evolution card for Brawler Zyler, and wins the match! And so it continues, until Shobu has finally gathered 50 tokens, and is given the key to the upstairs rooms. Look out, Hakuoh, because Shobu's coming!


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