Puff Chocolate - Series 3
パフチョコレート 第3弾

Puff Chocolate 3

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Release Date: August 4, 2009
Next Set: Series 4
Previous Set: Series 2
Puff Chocolate - Series 3 is a food product.


Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech appears on the packaging.

Each card is a promotional card that features Anime CG in its artwork. A Meiji logo is depicted where the set symbol would be.


Number: Name:
P11/Y8 Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech
P12/Y8 and P20/Y8 Miele, Vizier of Lightning
P13/Y8 and P21/Y8 Aqua Guard
P14/Y8 and P22/Y8 Horrid Worm
P15/Y8 and P23/Y8 Spiritual Star Dragon
P16/Y8 and P24/Y8 Bronze-Arm Tribe
P17/Y8 and P25/Y8 Barkwhip, the Smasher
P18/Y8 and P26/Y8 Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua
P19/Y8 and P27/Y8 Gigappi Ponto

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