Puff Chocolate - Series 2
パフチョコレート 第2弾
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Release Date: March 17, 2009
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Previous Set: Series 1

Puff Chocolate - Series 2 is a food product.


Ballom, Master of Death appears on the packaging.

Each card is a promotional card that features Anime CG in its artwork. A Meiji logo is depicted where the set symbol would be.


Number: Name:
P31/Y7 and P32/Y7 La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian
P33/Y7 and P34/Y7 Bloody Squito
P36/Y7 and P37/Y7 Cocco Lupia
P37/Y7 and P38/Y7 Pyrofighter Magnus
P39/Y7 and P40/Y7 Quixotic Hero Swine Snout
P41/Y7 and P42/Y7 Larba Geer, the Immaculate
P43/Y7 and P44/Y7 Thrash Crawler
P45/Y7 and P46/Y7 Osmosis Bullet Soul Skull Hunter
P47/Y7 Ballom, Master of Death

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