Puff Chocolate - Series 1
パフチョコレート 第1弾

Puff Chocolate 1.jpg

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Release Date: May 27, 2008
Next Set: Series 2

Puff Chocolate - Series 1 is a food product.


Bolshack Dragon appears on the packaging.

Each card is a promotional card that features Anime CG in its artwork. A Meiji logo is depicted where the set symbol would be.

It is the only puff chocolate product to feature 16 cards, in comparison to the rest with 17 (8 pairs of 2 cards, and a single card).


Number: Name:
P43/Y6 and P51/Y6 Sarius, Vizier of Suppression
P44/Y6 and P52/Y6 Lucky Ball
P45/Y6 and P53/Y6 Propeller Mutant
P46/Y6 and P54/Y6 Fuuma Garmagias
P47/Y6 and P55/Y6 Totto Pipicchi
P48/Y6 and P56/Y6 Bolshack Dragon
P49/Y6 and P57/Y6 Bronze-Arm Tribe
P50/Y6 and P58/Y6 Gonta, the Warrior Savage

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