Once More With Feeling
Season 1, Episode
Duel Masters - Episode 19
Japanese Name 笑う死神
Translation The Grim Reaper Simply Laughs
Air date July 17th, 2004
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Once More With Feeling is the 19th episode in the first season of the Duel Masters Anime which first aired on July 17, 2004.


Shobu reaches the chamber of the fourth guardian, a lowly janitor in the temple, only to find that Kokujo got there first. Hakuoh appears as a hologram an offers to Shobu that if he beats the one who beat Guardian four, he'll be allowed to challenge him. The challenge is accepted and the two duelists are given some time to prepare their desks, consult some person for moral comfort, and prepare a song to sing come the time they duel. With the ridiculousness aside, the duel begins until...wait. Why are there feathers falling from the ceiling?


In order to duel Hakuoh at the temple, Shobu and Kokujo are required to create a theme song as a montage. Before the two of them battle one another they have an hour to prepare their decks. Meanwhile, Knight approaches Hakuoh, attempting to persuade him away from the Master.

The duel quickly begins, with Shobu using Nature Civilization cards alongside his Fire Civilization cards to combat Kokujo's Darkness Civilization deck. Shobu gains an early lead with Armored Blaster Valdios, but Kokujo blocks its attack and then destroys it with his Terror Pit spell with its shield trigger ability. He proceeds to destroy Shobu's creatures and reduce his hand with Horrid Worm, before breaking four of Shobu's shields after powering up his creatures with Snake Attack.

Shobu is able to regain field presence, but Kokujo surprises him by materializing Trox, General of Destruction within the building (the dub implies that Trox is not materialized with later dialogue) and once again forcing Shobu to discard cards. Shobu is able to hold Kokujo off by using Mana Nexus to place Natural Snare in his shields from his mana zone, and destroy Kokujo's low-power creatures with Magmarex and break Kokujo's last shields. Unfortunately, this gives Kokujo the cards he needs to evolve "Trox" into Ballom, Master of Death, which is materialized within the building itself. Feathers rain from the ceiling as Shobu realizes what a Kaijudo duel really is.

The summoning of "Ballom" shakes the Temple, and Hakuoh coldly informs Knight that Shobu and Kokujo are Kaijudo dueling. Knight quickly hurries away as Shobu stares down "Ballom"...


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