Duel Masters lengthy volume 1


Release date: 2009/11/27

Book contents:-

Open in fall 2009 movie version of God Emperor of the Moon [black (Saga Lunatic Gods)] recorded a special shot depicting the history of the shocking Mikado most evil enemies!! FE (Faitinguejji) Special Edition , W (white) (white firebird) Kurihirogeru fierce battle with the Department put the fate of black death evil god win Trump Castle lost his life in Otoshita! SX (Starcross), a special version of the dance battle VS Trump wins his life flying dragon fangs Warped Universe (Duel), I can see!

Duel Masters lengthy volume 2


Release date: 2010/08/20

Book contents:-

And popular movie sequel, D · M Sai comic until I special!

DM's unknown past and the story of runaway super duel Zakira Mikado and nemesis was the second film in the popular movie, but only just read this cartoon special! Do not miss!

In addition, the appendix Card Image Limited, "Kando earth and eternal" with! The flash card 呼Bi出Subeshi Zakira GOD!

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