Duel Masters: Here Come the Jokers!! Strategy Book
デュエル・マスター: ズジョーカーズ参上!!攻略BOOK
Duel Masters Here Come the Jokers!! Strategy BOOK
Release: March 25, 2017
Booktype: Softcover book, Paperback pages
Publisher: Shogakukan
Previous: Duel Masters: Introducing - Revolution Final! Complete Guide

Here Come the Jokers!! Strategy Book is an additional publication of the CoroCoro Comic Special, a book published by Shogakukan.


The book introduces the DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!! set as well as the DMSD-01 Joe's Jokers and DMSD-02 Kira's Labyrinth stater decks from the DM Duel Masters block.


This publication comes with:


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