Curse of the Death Phoenix

DM-Curse of the Death Phoenix boxart

Translation: Yami no Shiro no Ma Ryūkō
Kāsu Obu Za Desufenikkusu
Release Date: May 12th, 2005
Language: Japanese
Director: Waruro Suzuki
Scriptwriters: Satoru Nishizono
Runtime: 46 minutes
Unit Director: Nobuaki Nakanishi

Curse of the Death Phoenix is the first Duel Masters movie.


Movie Crew

  • Character Design: Masayuki Hiraoka
  • Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Director of Photography: Nobuyuki Watanabe
  • Executive Producer: Toshihiro Nakazawa and Yasuyuki Sagami
  • CG Production: Munehiro Nishiyama
  • Editing: Masaki Sakamoto
  • Music Production: Norihide Tanaka
  • Planning: Masakazu Kubo
  • Sound Effects: Masami Kitakata
  • Sound Production: Michiyoshi Minamisawa and Takeshi Nishina


Shobu Kirifuda has recently won another junior championship tournament and this time he won against Gintaro. Then Shobu Kirifuda and his friends were invited to participate at an uncharted island for the duel congress. At this congress, all the junior champions were invited. And when they all stated to duel their creatures started to materialize even though the duelist were not Kaijudo Masters. Then they were all told that this island is actually an ancient remanence which converges with Duel Masters creature world. Shobu faced Orpheus and was defeated by him.

They also found that on the island that there are imprisoned Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech and to whom all the players duel energy transfer to after their duel whether they win or lose. And Galzark chains of imprisonment break and it gets one step closer to getting free. Shobu who is now terrified after the duel with Orpheus is given confidence and taken toward Orpheus once again in order to stop all this. Shobu's friends face all the island's guards of creature spirits who materials as Duel Golems and stop them from going further. Shobu in his way meets his father Mai Kirifuda who told him everything that is going on this island.

He told Shobu that the island belongs to a researcher Agamemnon and Electra & Orpheus are his children. He and Shobu then started to duel some Duel Golems while they were dueling Shori continued and told Shobu that these children under the curse of Galzark at the moment. Galzark was imprisoned by Agamemnon who hides his children in an underground shack. They thought that they were left by their dad and their dad's spirit is in Galzark now but they were only being controlled by Galzark. Actually their dad passed away while trying to protect them and imprison Galzark. Shori told Shobu that he was Agamemnon's old friend and use to visit him. 2 years after Agamemnon passed away Shori received a letter and his personal research diary. Shori and Shobu won their duel against Duel Golems but then the sealing started to collapse due to Galzark trying to free itself. Shobu and Shori got separated by the rubble but Shori gave Shobu Eternal Phoenix, Phoenix of the Dragonflame and told this was the card used by Agamemnon and Shobu have to stop their children and free them from the dragon's curse.

Shobu then went to the top of the tower where Electra and Olpheus were. When Shobu got there he faced Orpheus and Hakuoh showed up as well and he faced Electra. Shobu and Orpheus dueled in a cataclysmic battle and Orpheus showed that the true curse was not of the dragon but of the Phoenix which arises through this dragon's power Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom. Shobu did not give up and miraculously summoned Eternal Phoenix, Phoenix of the Dragonflame and showed Orpheus and Electra their father's true spirit. Shobu then defeated Orpheus and Hakuoh defeated Electra.

Now the island was collapsing because of such huge battle, Knight showed up and rescued all the other duelist including Shobu and Hakuoh. Orpheus and Electra recognized their fault and were not leaving the island but in the end they were saved by Dr. Root. Both Electra and Orpheus thanked Shobu and left with Dr. Root.


Featured Characters

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