Blazing Bonds XX

Duel Masters Blazing Bonds XX

Translation: Honō no Kizuna XX!!
Release Date: August 21st, 2010
Language: Japanese
Director: Tomoki Fujiwara
Hattori Megumidai
Distributor: Toho
Scriptwriters: Katsuro Hidaka

Blazing Bonds XX is the third Duel Masters movie.



The Darkness Civilization has attacked the Fire Civilization!

Shobu, together with Rekuta, go to the world of Duel Masters to help the Fire Civilization. However, when Shobu arrives, he is shocked to see a badly beaten Storm XX, said to be the Fire Civilization's trump card. At that moment, Rekuta and Reppi Aini, Storm XX's comrade, are captured by Darkness Civilization creatures,

Will Shobu be able to rescue the two, and what will become of the Fire Civilization?




  • Just like previous movies all three Duel Masters movies have been released alongside CoroCoro Comic's other manga anime movies such as, "Megaman: the Movie", "Penguin's Troubles: the Movie" and "Soulblaze the Burning Sun Invaders VS. Metal Fight - Beyblade: the Movie".
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