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Duel Masters: BG
デュエル・マスターズ: BGビギナーズガイド
Duel Masters Beginners Guide.jpg
Release: July 7th, 2010
Author: Yoshio Oose
Booktype: Paperback Pocket Edition
Pages: 196
Publisher: CoroCoro Comic
Distributor: Ladybug Comics
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Beginner's Guide is the 1st issue of the special manga comic series of the Duel Masters Manga.


  • This book comes with a Ballom, Master of Death promotional card.
  • This is the 1st book to feature 2 part-system.
  • The 1st part with 4 chapters introduces Duel Jacker Shou, the Hot-Blooded Commentator. These chapters are based on this character's story and adventures. He was also the 1st TV host for Duel Masters TV. He was also a commentator for regional Duel Masters matches.
  • The 2nd part with 4 chapters features a card guide for Psychic Shock block.
  • This book has 8 chapters.