Ballad of Kintaro, Part One
Season 1, Episode 11
Duel Masters - Episode 11
Japanese Name 新たなる切り札
Translation A Brand New Ace-in-the-Hole
Air date May 22th, 2004
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Shobu Gets Decked
Ballad of Kintaro, Part Two

Ballad of Kintaro, Part One is the 11th episode in the first season of the Duel Masters Anime.


As the episode begins, Shobu and his friends are heading to the temple to finally challenge Hakuoh. As they arrive, however, they discover him lurking behind a tree. He challenges Shobu to his duel, and Shobu accepts. But, just then, a bird swoops down, grabs Hakuoh's hair, and pulls it off! It's a wig! The culprit is, in fact, a VERY short man named Kintaro, who also challenges Shobu to a duel, of which Shobu gladly accepts, as it is the only way he will face Hakuoh.


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