A Goblin Shall Lead Them
Season 1, Episode 9
Duel Masters - Episode 9
Japanese Name 神殿へ
Translation Arriving at the Divine Temple
Air date May 8th, 2004
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Duels of the Futures Past
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A Goblin Shall Lead Them is the 9th episode in the first season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Shobu and his friends go to this new center where Kids all over the world learn how to play Duel masters. Shobu is ready to duel Hakuoh, but Knight tells him to be patient. Shobu runs off, and finds a mysterious man who tell him where to find Hakuoh, The Temple. He gives him this mysterious card and the man disappears. knight warns him not to go to the Temple, for he is not ready. Shobu goes to the temple with his friends, and stumble across a goblin, who they think is a squirrel at first. He guards the temple and loves Karaoke. He reveals his name is Fritz. Anyway Shobu has to answer 3 questions about his deck to enter the temple. First Question One: When you play a card from your shield zone, and you don't play it's mana cost, what is this trigger card. Of Course, Shobu knows it is a shield trigger and gets it right. He also gets his 2nd question right! When the 3rd question is asked Shobu is stumped. He is being stubborn and will not let anyone else help him. Luckily he figures it out with 2 seconds left to go. Shobu gets to enter the temple yet his friends have to stay behind. Fritz leads him into the temple. Shobu is given One token and is told that whenever he wins a duel he shall receive a token, and if you lose you lose a token but if you run out you are expelled from the Temple and he will never be able to enter again and he would never be able to duel Hakuoh. Shobu finds out that he needs 50 tokens before he can. he is ready to begin!


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