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Duel Masters!!
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Air Date: April 7, 2019
Theme Song(s): Super Heaven Fever! 超天フィーバー! (Opening 1)
Gotcha!! (Opening 2)
Top New Days てっぺんニューデイズ (Opening 3)
Kokoro no Canvas ココロノキャンバス (Ending 1)
Happy Days!!! (Ending 2)
Shake the Curtain Call カーテンコールを揺らして (Ending 3)
Other Seasons
Duel Masters!
Duel Masters King

Duel Masters!! (also known as Duel Masters 2) is the 15th season of the Duel Masters Anime.

It is also known as the Gacharange Arc of Joe's story


The events of the season were based on the Gacharange Series, introducing the new Gacharange Creatures.

It features the Water Civilization lands and Duel Master Cap as the story focus. After saving the Nature Civilization lands from destruction and restoration underway by the newly appointed queen Momo, Joe changes his focus on mastering the Gacharange mechanic. At the same time, he has to tackle the task of saving the Water Civilization lands from the Darkness Civilization.


Episode Listing

Screenshot Episode Number Japanese Title English Title Japanese Air Date
Duel Masters!! - Episode 1.jpg 1 水文明を救え!マジでガチャなキャップの事ジョー! Save our Water Civilization! Seriously Gacha Cap thing Joe! April 7, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 2.jpg 2 変な研究ジョーを探れ! キャップとジョーの潜入調査! Find out what weird research Joe is up to! Cap and Joe undercover! April 14, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 3.jpg 3 火文明に苦ジョー殺到! ボルツ、怒りのガチャレンジ! The Fire Civilization is flooded with bitter Joes! Bolts, angry gas challenge! April 21, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 4.jpg 4 人間界に参ジョー! デュエルウォーリアの正体を暴け! Come to the human world, Joe! Uncover the true identity of the Duel Warrior! April 28, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 5.jpg 5 正義か否か!? 川守田ハカセとジュニアのジョー熱! Justice or no justice! Kawamorida Hakase and Junior's Joe Heat! May 5, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 6.jpg 6 会ジョーはこちらです! メカでパーリィなお見合いパーティー! Here's the meeting Joe! A mechanical and parley matchmaking party! May 12, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 7.jpg 7 怪盗ラーメンキッドを追え! ラーメン地獄村 ~旅ジョー編~ Chase the Phantom Thief Ramen Kid! Ramen Hell Village ~Traveling Joe Version~ May 19, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 8.jpg 8 キャップの超切り札、登ジョー!? ラーメン地獄村 ~完結編~ Cap's super trump card, Noboru Joe!? Ramen Hell Village ~Conclusion~ May 26, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 9.jpg 9 これってどういうジョー況!? カバまろ先生、教壇に立つ! What kind of Joe situation is this! Kabamaro-sensei, standing on the podium! June 2, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 10.jpg 10 水文明にゼーロ現る!? ジョーには言えないキャップの事ジョー! Ze-ro appears in Water Civilization!? The one thing you can't tell Joe about Cap, Joe! June 9, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 11.jpg 11 ゼーロ、興奮ジョー態! 闇のドラゴンオーラの恐怖! Ze-ro, excited jaws! Fear of the Dark Dragon Aura! June 16, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 12.jpg 12 まさかの妖怪事件!? 大妖怪バックベアード登ジョー!? No way, a yokai incident!? The Great Yokai Backbeard Noboru Joe!? June 23, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 13.jpg 13 問題、続々浮ジョー!? 切札ジョーのデュエマを止めるな! Problems, one floating Joe after another!? Don't stop the trump card Joe's Duema! June 30, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 14.jpg 14 釣りバカジョー等! キャップのバリアマシマシ大作戦! Fishing Dumb Joe! Cap's Barrier Shimmering Operation! July 7, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 15.jpg 15 ジョー識外れのヤツらが集結! 夢のデュエマグランプリ! The unbelievable Joes have gathered! The Dueling Grand Prix of Dreams! July 14, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 16.jpg 16 ボルツ城(ジョー)暴走中!? 闇の侵入者をとらえよ! Bolts Castle (Joe) is on the run!? Capture the dark intruders! July 21, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 17.jpg 17 おしり警察登ジョー! 凶悪犯からデッキーの尻を守れ! Hips Police Climb Joe! Protect Deckie's butt from those thugs! July 28, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 18.jpg 18 喧嘩ジョー等! 目指せ、超天! 大番長バトルロワイアル! Fight Joe! Aim for super heaven! Big Bang Age Battle Royale! August 4, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 19.jpg 19 デュエマ史ジョー初!? 真夏の10本立て劇ジョー開幕! The first Joe in the history of Duema! Midsummer 10-piece drama Joe opens! August 11, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 20.jpg 20 みんなジョー出来! 実はがんばってたジョーカーズ大賞!! Well done, Joe! The Joker's Award!@ August 18, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 21.jpg 21 水文明に異ジョー発生! 闇と水の危険な企み! A strange jolt to Water Civilization! A dangerous plot between Darkness and Water! August 25, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 22.jpg 22 水文明頂ジョー決戦! 恐るべきCode:1059(コードヘブン)の咆哮! Water Civilization Top Joe Decisive Battle! The roar of the fearsome Code:1059 (Code Heaven)! September 1, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 23.jpg 23 ゼーロ、戦ジョーに立つ! ドラゴンズゼロと闇の卵! Ze-ro, stand on the battle jaws! Dragon's Zero and the Dark Egg! September 8, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 24.jpg 24 キャップ、落ち込みジョー態! 今こそ生み出せ水ジョーカーズ! Cap, depressed Joe! Now is the time to create the Water Jokers! September 15, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 25.jpg 25 目的不明! 闇執事ギニョールの過ジョーなるデュエマ! Purpose unknown! Davan Waller, Gousin's Overjoyed Duema! September 22, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 26.jpg 26 捜査線ジョーに浮かぶ影! ウラギリ者を捜し出せ! A shadow hovers over Joe's investigation line! Find out who's behind it! September 29, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 27.jpg 27 オトナになりたきゃご来ジョー! ようこそ、夢のオトナーランドへ! If you want to be an adult, come to Otonerland! Welcome to the Otonerland of your dreams! October 6, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 28.jpg 28 意外な組み合わせ!? キラとギリの友ジョー物語! An Unexpected Combination! The story of Kira and Giri's friend Joe! October 13, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 29.jpg 29 マスター候補の修練ジョー! ゴールデンマスターズジムに入門せよ! Trainee Master Candidate Joe! Join the Golden Masters Gym! October 20, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 30.jpg 30 兄弟げんかを止めろ! キャップとギャップの事ジョー! Stop the sibling rivalry! Cap and Gap , Joe! October 27,2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 31.jpg 31 異ジョーなるブラザーを止めろ! ギャップとジョーの真のデュエル! Stop the Other Brother! A true duel between Gap and Joe! November 3, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 32.jpg 32 最ジョー階をめざせ! ブラザー王・TT兄弟をたおせ! Aim for the highest floor! Defeat the Brother King and the TT Brothers! November 10, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 33.jpg 33 闇の胎動! ゼーロン、誕ジョーを阻止せよ! Darkness is brewing! Ze-ro, stop the Birthday Joe! November 17, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 34.jpg 34 ラルクメシア覚醒! キラの決意と光の軍団! Lark Messiah awakens! Kira's determination and the Army of Light! November 24, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 35.jpg 35 火文明を救え! 史ジョー空前のゾンビパニック! Save the fire civilization! A zombie panic like no other in history! December 1, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 36.jpg 36 ジョー、デュエマから退ジョー!? 忍び寄る、ゲジスキーの罠! Joe retires from Duema!?

Creeping, Kejisuki's trap!

December 8, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 37.jpg 37 残酷な闘い! 非ジョーなる親子デュエマ! A brutal battle! Non Joe father-son Duema! December 15, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 38.jpg 38 帰ってきた相棒! ジョニーとジョーの決闘ジョー! You're back, buddy! Johnny and Joe dueling Joe! December 22, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 39.jpg 39 ジョー様の! 過ジョーなくらいデュエマしたい! Master Joe's! I want to duel so badly! December 29, 2019
Duel Masters!! - Episode 40.jpg 40 デュエマに登ジョー!? 宇宙の破壊神(?)アルマゲドン! Noboru Joe in Duema!? God of destruction (?) of the universe! Armageddon! January 12, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 41.jpg 41 無重力ジョー態! 宇宙で遭遇! 闇のヤバい襲撃者! Zero Gravity Joe! Encounter in space! A dark and dangerous assailant! January 19, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 42.jpg 42 クリーチャーワールドに非ジョー事態! 龍頭星雲の決闘! A non-Joe situation in the Creature World! Duel in the Dragon's Head Nebula! January 26, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 43.jpg 43 闇の独壇ジョー! ゼーロとジョーの最終決戦! Darkness alone, Joe! The final battle between Ze-ro and Joe! February 2, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 44.jpg 44 超緊急異ジョー事態! 失われた友の記憶を取り戻せ! A super emergency situation!Get back the memory of your lost friend! February 9, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 45.jpg 45 永久(とわ)に群ジョーなれ! さらばブラザー! Be a swarm of Joes forever! Farewell, Brother! February 16, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 46.jpg 46 ジョラゴン恋の悩み!? 相手のおジョーさんはピョンコ姫!? Joragon love troubles!? The other Joe is Princess Pyonko!? February 23, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 47.jpg 47 新たな相棒を探せ! 自然文明の大長老、登ジョー! Find me a new partner! The Grand Elder of Nature Civilization, Climbing Joe! March 1, 2020
Duel Masters!! - Episode 48.jpg 48 ボルツ施ジョー中! ロックなジョー前にご注意あれ! Bolts being applied! Beware of the rocky jaws! March 8, 2020


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