Duel Jack !!
デュエル・ジャック !!
Duel Jack!!
Release: January 17th, 2004
Author: Shige Ihara
Satoshi Nakamura
Publisher: Coro Coro Comics
Coro Coro Dragon Comics
Distributor: Ladybug Comics
Next: Gekioden Gett
Duel Jack!! is a spin-off series of the Duel Masters Manga.


During the time when the original manga series of Duel Masters was still being released, this spinoff manga was released featuring a new set of characters,

The manga series of "Duel Jack!!" refers to the "Jack" in a deck of playing cards. The protagonist of this manga series, Shou, was called the "Prince of Dueling" or "Prince of Duel Masters" in reference to this.


This series features a new protagonist, Shou who's younger brother is a junior duelist. His younger brother looks at him like a funny and undependable person who just knows how to make people laugh.

One day when Shou's younger brother lost a duel, Shou tries to cheer him up by making him laugh. His brother told him that he wants an older brother that he can depend upon or look up to rather then one that can make him laugh. From then on, Shou started to learn how to duel and play Duel Masters for the sake of his younger brother and started to face many different duelists with each one having different dueling tactics.

He faced many frenzy, suspicious and strong duelist on his way to the top he even found his younger brother's lover for him who was a better duelist then his younger brother. He defeated each and everyone he faced and every time he faces someone, he learns their tactics and tries implement them into his deck. Due to his experience in implementing new tactics into his deck, he finally made his perfect deck and became the 1st Junior High Champion of Duel Masters. Due to his funny and heroic way of dueling nature he was given the title of "Duel Jack!!"


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