デュ円 (De~yuen)

Dueyen (100)

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Due Yen is a type of special token featured in expansions released for DMR-14 Wild Dragon Gaiglen and later sets.

They were not packaged in sets before DMR-13.


Starting from sets from DMR-14, a 6th unplayable card is put into the bottom of the booster pack which can either be a card describing the Timeline of Dragon Saga or a Due-Yen token. Due-Yen tokens cannot be used in play, but they can be given to card stores that hold duel road tournaments in order to exchange for goods, such as Card Sleeves and Playmats. There are 5 types of due-yen tokens;

Due-Yen goods are given directly to players upon exchange, but when the total value of the items is 9 trillion yen or more, the items are given by parcel. As there are no Duel Road tournaments outside Japan, due-yen are useless outside of Japan. Many due-yen items require high amounts of tokens to exchange and require lots of booster boxes to gather enough tokens to exchange. And as many Due-Yen goods are sold as singles on the secondary market, Aside of the play mats it is better to buy these goods directly from there.

List of goods

Discontinued items


  • There is a gold version of the 9 trillion due-yen token in the world hobby fair.
  • No shipping fee is required for 9 trillion due-yen purchases.


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