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Draw Lock
ドローロック (Dorō Rokku)
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Draw Lock is the strategy of preventing your opponent from drawing cards.


There are various methods of this.

  • 1) Let the other cards be discarded.
  • 2) Make it impossible from your opponent to draw.
  • 3) Create a situation where the opponent always draws the same card.
  • 4) Replace the cards on the top of your opponent's deck.

In the first example, it refers to the ability of Amon Bells, Devil Meteor, Commander Technobuster + Kiki, Evil Ways God and Kaikai, Foreign Ways God, and the Fuuma Zaulak Deis lock.

In the second example, Gigavrand stops any additional draws.

In the third example, you can use Vacuum Crawler or Ilkiru, Loved One to reuse Fuuma Adorak every turn. Roachin, the Strange Stinker can also be used.

In the fourth example, you can use Aqua Belala or Bella, Corrupt Ghost Princess to deck feed your opponent.