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Draw is the action of taking a card from the top of your deck and putting it into your hand.


As well as drawing at the start of your turn, you may draw additional cards with the ability of a card such as Energy Stream (these are known as a Draw Source).

You draw a card at the start of your turn, for each turn of the game (but not on the first turn for the player that goes first). Having more cards in your hand provides you with Hand Advantage, leaving you to have more options of cards each turn to play.

Drawing cards is a vital part of this game, as well as any trading card game as the hand is vital to almost all operations that happen in the game. The draw at the start of the game is not enough to replenish ones hand as the player will use more cards than they can draw in one turn. (Average number of cards used in a turn is 2.) Without extra draw, most decks are unable to function properly as the hand will be used up extremely quickly in this situation, leaving the player with no options other than dumping their cards into the mana zone.

Cards such as Aquan, Cyber Brain, Astral Reef and Streaming Shaper had been abused for their strong draw power until they got hit by the Hall of Fame. Nowadays, Energy Stream is viewed as a classic staple for draw.

  • While they are considered Hand Addition, some of these aforementioned cards (Aquan / Streaming Shaper) don't use the word "draw", and are unaffected by cards that trigger from this such as Gigavrand.

Usually draw cards have a bigger cost than the number of cards they draw. (e.g.: Triple Brain costs 5 and draws 3 cards), but there are exceptions to this rule, such as Guard Grip.

Cards that have Card Discard abilities such as Lost Soul are a threat to powerful draws such as Cyber A Irons, Cyber N World or Parlock's Miracle Fever.

In control deck types, cards such as Aquan Jr.'s Delivery and Cebu Aquman Jr. see many uses. Also, Hustle Castle and Shaman Totem have seen use in controls that lack the Water Civilization. 

As you draw cards, the number of cards in your deck decreases, and as soon as you draw the last card of your deck, you lose the game instantly. There are tactics that force your opponents to draw with cards like Necrodragon Zalva in order to deck-out them. Cards such as Benijishi Spider had also seen use to benefit from the opponent's draw.

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