連ドラ (Ren Dora)
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Drama is a nickname given to a deck type that can put a certain type of card from the top of the deck into the battle zone after being revealed.


It often includes Dragon creatures such as the "Balga" family, or cards like Hogan Blaster or The Door of Miracle and Mystery.

Recommended cards

Recommended card: Reason:
Balga Raiser, the Dragonic Meteor Speed attacker + Dragon spam
Magmadragon Balga Geyser Main attacker + Dragon spam
Balga Raizou, the Super-Heavenly Nova Pseudo-speed attacker + Dragon spam
Infinity Dragon Resistance to removal
Cocco Lupia Cost reducer
Mendelssohn Mana Acceleration
Codename Balga Ragon Additional Dragon spam

Speed attacker Dragons

Recommended card: Reason:
GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon Blocker destruction
Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush Extra turn gaining
Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal Anti-discard + makes all your creatures speed attackers
Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler Deck recovery and possible removal
Codeking Ludwig Firepower
Ogre Kaiser "Destruction" Psychic creature destruction
Bolshack Gil Cross NEX Anti-Psychic creature
Flaming Jet Dragon Thrilling Three
Bolshack Cross NEX Powerful attacker + anti-weenie
Codeking Fortissimo Gives all your Dragons Speed attacker and Slayer

Other Dragons

Recommended card: Reason:
Codeking Wilhelm Removal, mana burn and Mana Acceleration
Codeking Mozart Destroys non-Dragon creatures and prevents the opponent's Dragons from attacking.
Daichino Kaiser, Mother Green Oni Dragon Dragon spam from the mana zone
Codeking Number Nine Prevents casting
Spell Del Fin, Light Divine Dragon Prevents casting
Bolshack Superhero Weenie removal
Zack Pichi, Winged Dragon Admiral Hand replenish
X Revolver Dragon Mana burn
Magmadragon Jagalzor Gives all your creatures speed attacker via Turbo Rush
Cerulean Dagger Dragon Hand replenish
Super Dragon Machine Dolzark Small removal
Bolshack NEX Lupia spam
Gatling Force Dragon Blocker removal
GILL Supergalactic Dragon Creature and shield removal
Necrodragon Guljeneraid Reanimation after one of your Dragons is destroyed
Infinity "Hidden Blade" Dragon Resistance to removal
Babelginus, Demonic Dragon Reanimation
Gaial Axel Gives speed attackers to your Dragons
Truekaiser Adrenaline Max Strong finisher, untaps your dragons
Trueking Vivaldi Strong power reduction
VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" Strong bounce, locks down certain decks
Royal Straight Flush Kaiser Massive shield break dragon
Trueking Viola Sonata Removal, re-animation, makes your dragons go to shields when destroyed
Dorago the Great, Dragon World Locks down non-dragon decks
Triprex, Growth King Creature spamming from mana zone
Codeking Cantabile Mana Acceleration, allows you to summon dragons from mana zone
Jackpot Batoriser Free spam dragon when win battle
Wald Brachio, Absolute World King Massive shield break, prevents Come Into Play abilities triggering
Batocross Battle, Passion Dragon Shield trigger defense dragon

Other means of mana acceleration

Recommended card: Reason:
Faerie Life Classic mana acceleration
Terradragon Balgazarmas Draw or Mana Acceleration
Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard Large Mana Acceleration
Mitsurugi Boost, Matchless Dragon Demon Firepower and Mana Acceleration
Eco Aini Conditioned 2 Mana Acceleration
Geo Bronze Magic Mana Acceleration and possible draw
Gachinko Roulette Permanent Mana Acceleration
Lupia Lapia Cost reduction and goes to mana if destroyed
Faerie Gift Powerful cost reduction
Fleur Life Mana Acceleration and Deck Manipulation

Evolution Dragons

Recommended card: Reason:
Überdragon Bajulaterra Mana burn.
Überdragon Bajula Mana burn
Überdragon Valkyrias Gets a Dragon from mana zone to battle zone

Summon for no cost

Recommended cards: Reason:
Peryuton, Bird of Fire Possible dragon spam/fire bird spam
Dragon Flare Egg Dragon spamming


Recommended cards: Reason:
Chopin, Dragon King Conditioned shield trigger
Necrodragon Odol Needle Shield trigger that forces the opponent to attack it


Recommended cards: Reason:
Sanctuary of the Mother Gets evolution Dragons from the mana zone to the battle zone
Future Blueprint Strong Draw
Soul Calling Dragon searcher
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