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Dragonic Field
ドラゴニック・フィールド (Doragonikku Fīrudo)
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Dragonic Fields are a Dragonic field card type that was introduced in DMEX-12 Super Powerful Strategies!! Draring Pack.


Like other Fields, they are put into the battle zone horizontally and have an ability while they are in the battle zone. Unlike a D2 Field, there is no limit to the number of them that can be played.

It is exclusive to Dragon World ~The Land Where Dragons Descend~.

3 Dragon World ~The Land Where Dragons Descend~
Fire Fire.png / Dragonic Field
Dragon World

■ At the start of your turn, put the top card of your deck into your graveyard. If it is a non-evolution Dragon, you may put this Dragonic Field into your graveyard. Then put that Dragon into the battle zone.

The dragon world, which is the land where the dragon descend, emerges from Ryugenkyo.